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 APRAMP:  Association for the Prevention, Reintegration and Care of Prostituted Women

In 2017, APRAMP opened 1,296 files in the Rescue Unit, and attended 4,211 people. 1,708 calls have been answered on the telephone 24 hours a day; and 1,303 people started an individualized recovery and insertion itinerary, 137 people accessed the protection resource.

In 2014, assisted 1,442 women in Spain offering comprehensive support to victims of trafficking in human beings for the purpose of sexual exploitation.

The training classes are oriented in how to get a job, promoting the labor insertion with sewing workshops and other trades. Training in clothing making and repairs is one of the activities that the foundation provides to victims of trafficking.

Bite’s philosophy is Design with a social conscience, promoting local production and within Europe, no to the delocalization of the product to reduce costs. That’s why we believe in a world where cooperation exits, making our garments in their workshops.

Rocío  Mora, Apramp coordinator, at one of the sewing workshops.

C / Ballesta 9, Madrid.

Images courtesy of El País.