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BITE is all about independent designs, artisan work, support of local trade and sustainable fashion.

Founded in 2012, based in Berlin and produced in Europe, the label creator Beatriz Tomás belongs to a new generation of designers building brands with a more conscious approach to fashion at its core, empowering female work and ethical practices.

Ethically-made fashion

We believe there is a new way of doing things.

There is a growing demand for ethical fashion and we are taking this responsibility seriously, encouraged by younger consumers that are more conscious than any generation before.

Because we understand how fast fashion industry depletes the earth’s resources and leverages slave labour to pass on a cheap cost to the end consumer, we say no to fast fashion and to the to the use of synthetic fibres to the extent possible. Because we care about who makes the clothes we wear and in which conditions, we say no to the delocalization of the product, protecting the labour rights and dignity of the people involved in the making.

We say yes to less consume and more quality, in a more sustainable way, supporting trade, design and local production.

Socially engaged practices

We believe in a world where cooperation exists.

We produce part of our collections in collaboration with the Association for the Prevention, Reintegration and Care of Prostituted Women (APRAMP). Their goal is that individuals who suffer sexual exploitation and human trafficking recover their freedom and dignity, asserting their rights, and that they achieve the necessary autonomy to begin a life outside of the control and abuse of their exploiters.

For these women who are in a situation of vulnerability, training is the first step to finding employment and to rehabilitate, re-socialize and support the exit from the circle of sexual exploitation. Their objectives set at this stage are:

  • Offer attractive and sustainable training opportunities for people
  • Facilitate social skills and discipline habits
  • Facilitate the acquisition of basic knowledge and a professional qualification
  • Offer real employment opportunities
  • Facilitate regularization processes

Environmental commitment

We can all make a difference.

Supporting The Ocean Cleanup Project, between the 2-5 % of our benefits are destined to clean the ocean of plastic. We are talking about the largest project of this type ever undertaken. They have put extensive efforts into fundamental plastic pollution research since the very beginning to increased education and social awareness and therefore to help guide us to the best set of solutions.

This work has continued in parallel to the development and deployment of cleanup technology. They have created a gigantic structure with the intention of cleaning various points of the oceans that currently accumulate a large amount of plastics and garbage. The simulation models carried out by the organization estimate that with the entire system operating at 100% they could clean up to 50% of the garbage island in the Pacific Ocean in five years.

Text by Jessica Garcia